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Sound Engineer
Sound Engineering is an unexplored career path for Indian youth, though that’s changing very slowly. These days, most students, after 12th standard, tend to choose tried and tested Engineering Branches and other commonly pursued Professional courses. In this article, I will be discussing about a slightly less pursued . The course that I will be dealing is Sound (Audio) Engineering.


Sound Engineering is one of the branches of engineering discipline which deals with the study of music, movies and theatre in recording, manipulation, mixing and reproduction.  It combines music and technology to complete an experience.

This course teaches students about the technical and creative aspects of recording, editing and using different sounds for various purposes (closely related to art performances).


While looking for a job, we search about the responsibilities, scope, qualification required for a particular. But we often forget the most important career interest, Aptitude and personality, needed to be considered, while applying for a job. It is an Aptitude and personality  based course. Not everyone can study Sound (Audio) Engineering and go on and build a rewarding career in this area. 

 Some of the basic aptitude, personality and interest required to succeed in this career -                                            








  • Interest in artistic work, doesn’t mean that you must be a musician or artistically gifted, it implies have interest  a career which allows freedom and the opportunity to use intuition.


  • This skill isn’t limited jobs, even in this area of , recording and analyzing.
  • with enthusiastic curiosity for instrumentation and computer applications would be suitable for this career




 Sound engineering is emerging   field, success won’t immediately   come to you, no matter how good   you are, so in order to survive you   need to be someone-

  •   is patient in waiting for things to take their time.
  • Someone who is composed and unflustered by events. Take things as they come.



          Formation skills                (a sense of music and sounds)

  • Ability to easily match and distinguish between different sound and voices.



  • As a sound engineer you need to be detached and purposeful.


  • Self-reliant. Take initiative on their own




The live music scene is also growing from strength-to-strength every year. Until fairly recently, the scope of a sound engineer’s job was mainly limited to Bollywood productions, television or radio shows. This has changed quite drastically recently. The influence of international DJs along with the increasing popularity of music festivals catering to different tastes has made the traditionally obscure sound engineering course a viable option.

Sound Engineers are needed everywhere required. They are often overlooked by the general public while they are present, but take the sound engineer away and there would be a general uproar.



  • To pursue a bachelor's degree, a student must have completed 10+2 Schooling with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics subjects.
  • In case of Admission process, some Institutes may even conduct their own entrance and Aptitude examinations
  • Students may pursue the 2 years long Diploma in Sound Engineering course.



Career opportunities for sound engineer

Career opportunities for sound engineer and technicians are available in various fields like radio stations, tv channels, studios, multimedia design, animation, advertising firms, movies,  and more.

One can opt for courses in technical skills such as voice and dialogue recording, music and sound mixing and editing, in sound designing, or as a sound effects editor – creating ­different kinds of sounds.

With proper / she can become studio managers.

Apart from above, one may also find work in sectors such as-  documentaries, Acoustics (auditoriums, concert halls and other musical events ).

 You can also work as a freelancer on live sound on location.



  • Sound Engineer
  • Audio Engineer
  • Studio Manager
  • Production Assistant
  • Assistant Engineer
  • Acoustic Consultant
  • Digital Remastering Engineer
  • Live Sound Engineer
  • Multimedia Developer
  • Studio Designer
  • Studio Technician
  • Sound Recordist
  • Music Arranger
  • Mixing Engineer



- FTII, Pune

- SRFTI, Kolkata

- M.G.R. Government Film and Television Institute, Chennai. 

- The School of Audio Engineering, Chennai 

 -The Harmonics School of Audio Technology, Hyderabad 

- IIT, Kharagpur

 - Delhi Grotek Institute of Film Technology, Kasargode

There are also diploma and certification sound engineering offered by good institutes

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