Career as Prosthetics Engineer

Stream : Engineering & Mathematics
Sub Stream : Biomedical Engineering

Prosthetics Engineer

Prosthetic and Orthotic Engineering is a medico-engineering profession which deals with physically disabled, crippled and orthopedically handicapped persons.

Their job entails
• Close study of the
patients requirements
• An assessment of the muscles involved, flexibility, tone
• Preparation of blueprint, model or cast
• Carrying out trials on a specific device before finalization
• Making minor changes, adaptations of shape and size and fit
• Seeking approval
by the doctor
• Prosthetic and orthotic technicians assist in the preparation of the devices Materials used for the device may vary - wood, leather, plastics,
fiber glass, foam, fabric etc

• Involve themselves in the care of patients with full or partial loss of limbs.
• They design devices such as artificial limbs and braces which are also called prostheses

Orthotic Technologists
• Work with patients with limb or spine related disabilities
• They study orthopedics, amputation surgery, post surgical prosthesis, applied mechanics and
• Design and create custom made braces and other corrective devices known as orthoses

Employment Opportunities for Prosthetics Engineer:

Orthopaedic centres
• Rehabilitation centres
• Armed Forces
• Railways
Artificial Limbs Manufacturing Corporation of India (ALIMCO)

How to become Prosthetics Engineer?

Path 1:

Stream: Science PCM
• Selection Test
Prosthetic & Orthotic Engineer
• Diploma/ Degree
Prosthetic & Orthotic Tech/Engineer*
• Goal
Prosthetic & Orthotic Tech/Engineer
*Prosthetic & Orthoptic Technicians/ Engineers pursue a diploma course of two year duration or degree course of 4½ years. There is a 6 month practical internship. Selection for the course is through competition. 
Many medical colleges conduct courses and practical internship
is completed
in the teaching hospital. Government of India has, however, also set up a Rehabilitation Council to train paramedical staff and to conduct related activities in rehabilitation.

Median Pay Scale / salary of Prosthetics Engineer :

A prosthetic Engineer earns an average salary of Rs 219563 per year.

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