Career as Patent Examiner

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Patent Examiner
A patent examiner is a person who examines applications for patents.

The patent examiner is expected to have knowledge of the science, engineering, and technology that are pertinent to the work. The examiner should also be able to understand the technical language in which the invention is described.

A patent examiner is a person who is responsible for examining the patent applications filed by inventors to ascertain whether they are novel and have the potential to be patented.

To be eligible for a patent examiner job in India, you need to have a Bachelor’s degree in engineering or science or any other relevant discipline. The pay scale of a patent examiner ranges from Rs. 16,000-Rs. 40,000 per month depending on the experience of the applicant.

In India, the eligibility for a patent examiner is an engineering degree in a relevant field. The scope of their job is to examine and grant patents.

The payscale for a patent examiner starts at INR 2, 40,000 per year and can go up to INR 4,00,000 per year.

The patent examiner is responsible for examining patent applications and evaluating their novelty, inventiveness, and usefulness.

In order to become a patent examiner in India, one must have a bachelor's degree in engineering or technology from an Indian university.

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