Career as Paramedic

Stream : Health Science

A paramedic is a type of medical professional who is trained and licensed to provide pre-hospital emergency care. They are usually the first person to arrive at an emergency scene, assess the situation and provide initial treatment. Paramedics work closely with a physicians and other healthcare professionals.

Paramedics are usually employed by a public service organization such as a fire department or hospital. Paramedics may also be employed by private organizations like ambulance services, mining companies, oil rigs or construction sites.

The paramedic profession has grown significantly in recent years due to an increase in the number of emergencies that require immediate medical attention. The demand for paramedics will continue to grow as the population ages and requires more medical assistance.

A paramedic is a health care professional who provides pre-hospital advanced clinical care and transport of patients to definitive care from the scene of an accident or sudden illness.

The job responsibilities of a paramedic are to provide emergency medical care to patients in the field, in transit, and at the hospital. Some of their other responsibilities include providing technical rescue skills, such as extrication and stabilization, as well as administering emergency medical interventions (e.g., intravenous therapy). They also need to be able to diagnose illnesses and injuries while they are out on the field, or while they are transferring patients from one location to another.

A paramedic is a healthcare professional who is trained to provide pre-hospital advanced life support, including emergency and disaster medicine. They are the most qualified person in the ambulance and are often the first responders on scene of an accident or medical emergency.

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Paramedics are healthcare professionals who are responsible for providing emergency medical care to patients. They provide assistance to physicians and nurses, as well as driving ambulances and providing other services such as administering emergency medical care.

The job of a paramedic is a demanding one, but it is also one that can be highly rewarding. Paramedics work in all kinds of settings including hospitals, clinics, airports, fire departments and police stations. They have the opportunity to save lives every day and help people in need in a wide variety of ways.

In India, paramedics may be eligible for an undergraduate degree in paramedicine or they may receive on-the-job training at the hospital they work at. The pay scale varies depending on the type of employer but usually ranges from Rs 13000 - 18000

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