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One of the most popular careers in the dental industry is orthodontist. Orthodontists are responsible for diagnosing and treating teeth alignment issues. They also provide advice on how to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

This article focuses on what is needed to become an orthodontist and the career prospects that they can expect after they have completed their training.

Becoming an orthodontist requires a minimum of 6 years of schooling, starting with a bachelor’s degree in dentistry or dental hygiene, followed by a 4-year doctorate degree in orthodontics from an accredited educational institution. After finishing school, aspiring orthodontists will have to complete a one-year internship before they are eligible for licensure.

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry which deals with the study, prevention, and treatment of dental problems that are related to the alignment or position of teeth.

A typical orthodontist's job responsibilities include:

- Diagnosis and treatment of dental issues such as crooked teeth, overcrowding, and tooth decay.

- Providing advice on how to prevent dental issues from occurring or worsening.

- Creating customized orthodontic appliances such as braces to move teeth into the desired position.

- Treating gum disease and other oral health problems.

- Providing information about dental hygiene for patients who wear braces or other appliances that limit their ability to brush their teeth effectively.

- Working with patients' general dentist for any necessary follow up care after completing orth

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who is responsible for the treatment of patients with malocclusions and other dental problems. Orthodontists are usually required to complete a four-year undergraduate degree in dentistry followed by a four-year graduate degree in orthodontics.

In India, there are no specific courses or degrees that can be obtained in order to become an orthodontist. However, if you have completed an undergraduate degree in dentistry and have done some relevant work experience, you may be eligible to apply for the post of an assistant orthodontist at a dental college.

Orthodontists are dental professionals who specialize in correcting teeth and jaws that are not aligned properly.

An orthodontist is responsible for diagnosing the problems of the teeth and jaws. They also work on designing a course of treatment to correct the alignment. The course may involve braces, headgear, or other appliances to move teeth into place.

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