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Notary Public

A notary public is a public officer appointed by the state to serve the public interest. The notary is sworn to impartiality in all matters and must be a person of good character.

The primary responsibility of a notary public is to administer oaths and affirmations, take affidavits and depositions, witness or attest the execution of certain documents, certify copies of documents, take acknowledgments of deeds and other conveyances, protest notes and bills of exchange when there appears to be fraud or forgery, give notice of foreign claims to personal property sold at auction in this state by nonresidents, etc. The notary may also act as an arbiter or referee in controversies arising out of the execution or validity of contracts involving real estate situated within this state.

Notary publics are responsible for witnessing the signing of important documents and authenticating them. They are also responsible for certifying that copies of documents are true copies. In India, notaries publics can be appointed by a court or by the state government.

The eligibility criteria to become a notary public in India is that you should be at least 18 years old and possess certain qualifications. The scope of this job includes witnessing the signing of important documents and authenticating them, certifying that copies of documents are true copies, etc. The payscale for this job is about Rs 15000-20000 per month depending on the location where the notary public is based out of.

A notary public is an officer of the court who can administer oaths, take affidavits, and certify documents.

The job responsibilities of a notary public are to verify the identity of individuals signing a document and to ensure that they understand the content of what they are signing. They also have to ensure that all parties involved in a transaction agree to its terms, and that all necessary documents are signed and notarized.

In India, anyone over 18 years old who has been residing in India for more than 2 years can apply for becoming a notary public. Notaries must be able to read and write English or Hindi fluently. They should also be familiar with legal terminology in order to accurately interpret law for clients.

A notary public is a person who can legally certify a document. The notary public's seal and signature are proof that the document is authentic. The most common use of a notary public is to verify the identity of people in order to avoid fraud.

The job responsibilities of a notary public vary from country to country, but it usually includes:

- Verifying the identity of people

- Authenticating signatures on legal documents

- Validating documents by comparing them with others that have been officially approved

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