Career as Museum Assistant

Stream : Humanities & Social science
Sub Stream : History

Museum Assistant
A museum assistant can be a good career option for those who love to work with art and history. They are in charge of helping the museum staff, keeping the museum clean, organizing art exhibitions and also providing information to visitors.

In India, people who are eligible to work in museums are not allowed to do so without a valid work permit. They have to be employed by an institution which has been granted this status.

Job responsibilities:

- Assist the museum staff with their daily activities and duties like opening, closing and cleaning the museum.

- Assisting visitors with their queries and concerns about the museum's exhibits and collections.

- Preparing reports for management on the day's activities.

- Preparing and maintaining exhibits in a clean condition at all times.

- Taking care of furniture, artifacts, etc., in a safe manner.

- Maintaining stocks of materials including food items and souvenirs which may be sold to visitors or used for educational purposes within the museum premises only.


A Museum Assistant is an employee who assists the museum staff in various tasks such as maintaining the museum’s collections, organizing exhibitions, and managing public relations.

The job entails a lot of responsibility and requires a person to be knowledgeable about the museum’s collection and how it is displayed. The Museum Assistant must also have excellent communication skills to interact with visitors.

A museum assistant is responsible for the upkeep and management of the museum. They are responsible for carrying out daily activities including maintaining the exhibits, cleaning, and security.

In India, there are no specific eligibility requirements to become a museum assistant. However, most employers prefer candidates with a degree in history or science from an accredited institution.

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