Career as Industrial Designer

Stream : Arts, Design & Fashion
Sub Stream : Modelling,Product Design
Industrial Designer
This career requires creativity, aesthetic interest and business acumen. Product Designers design articles, products and materials for commercial manufacturing firms. They are an integral part of the ‘business’ or ‘design industry’. Their designing skills take care of both the practicality of the products they design as well as their visual appeal.

Industrial Product designers 
• Combine a talent for design with an understanding of production and marketing of consumer goods. 
• Design or recreate products like cars, home appliances, computers, medical, office or recreational equipment, children’s toys, etc. 
• Work with design engineers to design technical goods, creating the most functional and appealing design. The challenge is to make the product competitive in the market. 

Product designers specialize in the following branches-Product design/ceramic design/ furniture design.

Employment Opportunities for Industrial Designer:

 • Design departments of manufacturing firms, industries.
• Consulting firms
• Specialists in ceramic design work in industries manufacturing table ware, sanitary wares, light fittings, pottery, decorative porcelain and materials for electrical and other industries.

Top Recruiting Companies of Industrial Designer:
 • Design Daku etc.
• General Motors Design
• Hiesign
• Honda R&D
• LG
• OGS Animation
• Onio

How to become Industrial Designer?

Path 1:
• Std XII
Stream: Any
• Entrance Exam
• Professional course
NID/ Design schools
• Goal
Industrial Designer

Path 2:
• Std XII
Stream: Science PCM
• Entrance Test
• Graduation
BTech Design(IIT)
• Postgraduation
• Goal
Industrial Designer

Path 3:
• Std XII
Stream: Any
• Graduation
B.Fine Art/ B.Arch**
• Professional Degree
Advanced Design Course
• Goal
Industrial Designer
*4 years professional course is offered by the National Institute of Design.

Details of NEED (National Entrance Exam for Design)
Entrance test-
• Level 1- National Entrance Exam for Design Studies(NEED) conducted at Bhopal, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Kochi, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Calcutta and New Delhi and Oman in January. 
• Level 2- one-day workshop and interviews in April/May. 
• The objective of the tests and interviews is to ascertain aptitude.NEED scores are shared with the consortium members - DJ Academy of Design, Coimbatore; IILM School of Design , Gurgaon; Indian Institute of Craft & design , Jaipur;Wigan & Leigh College, New Delhi; Srishti, School of Art Design & Technology, Bangalore; Pearl Academy of Fashion, New Delhi. 
• For updates on entrance test for National Institute of Design, Paldi, Ahmedabad 380007, http :// and other design schools. 
**National Institute of Design at Ahemdabad runs advanced programs for graduates. 
***IIT Design courses: XII (Science) students can pursue B. Tech Design at IIT Guwahati. Selection is through IIT JEE. 
BE /B.Arch/ BFA is the entry requirement for Master’s course in Design in IIT. Selection through entrance test – CEED.


Median Pay Scale/salary of Industrial Designer :

2.96 Lakhs to 14.22 Lakhs per annum

 Top Industrial Designer Colleges in India:

• NID - National Institute of Design- Banglore
• National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad
• Pearl Academy, Delhi
• Apeejay Institute Of Design 
• Indian Institute of Technology (Instrument Design & Development Centre) Delhi
• MAEER’s MIT Institute of Design

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