Career as Importer/Exporter

Stream : Transportation, Logistics and Import Export
Sub Stream : Import and Export

International business management deals with the professional handling of international trade from negotiating trade deals to expediting transactions. Export managers work with multinational and national export houses, and trading houses. 

Export managers
• Carry out all activities pertaining to international trade
• Deal with foreign buyers and agents
• Negotiate sales, distribution, trade contracts and expedite payments
• Make transportation and licensing agreements
• Hire packing agents
• Prepare custom declaration documents

Custom brokers
• Are Intermediaries between importers and custom services
• File the necessary documents
• Act as intermediaries with government departments

Import export agents
• Work as contractors for several clients
• Coordinate between import-export firms and foreign and domestic buyers and sellers.
• Plan delivery of goods
• Check export-import tax assessments
• Complete custom formalities
• Are trade representatives during the freight handling

• Are buyers of domestic as well as imported goods intended for sale
• Procure material from the producers and supply to traders
• Specialize in buying or selling of specific goods

Freight forwarders
• Are agents for exporters who are responsible for cargo movement
• They oversee and coordinate shipping facilities, freight cost, port charges, documentation charges, insurance costs etc

Employment Opportunities for Exporter:

• Trading companies
• Public sector exporting organizations
• Export houses in India
• Financial Institutions
• Multinational export houses operating in India and abroad
• Investment firms
• International Business consultancies
• International marketing departments of companies engaged in exports
• Cargo and global shipping companies
• Entrepreneurship

How to become Exporter?

Path 1:
• Std XII
Stream: Any
• Graduation
Any subject
• Postgraduation
Masters in International Business
• Goal
International Trade/Exporter
* MIB is a 2 year program conducted by several universities. Entrance is through a selection test which is like the MBA CAT. Some institutions have special courses for people who have experience of working in this field **Wholesalers, custom brokers, agents may not necessarily have a degree in international business

Median Pay Scale/salary of Exporter :

The average pay for an Export Sales Manager is Rs 521,608 per year.

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