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Horology is the study of time. A horologist can be a watchmaker, an astronomer or a mathematician.

A horologist is someone who studies time and how it's measured. This includes astronomers, mathematicians and watchmakers.

Horologists are the people who manage, operate and maintain the complex timekeeping systems in a country.

Horologists have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

- Setting up and operating the timekeeping system in a country,

- Calculating the daily mean solar time and other astronomical data,

- Conducting research on new technologies related to timekeeping.

A horologist must possess strong technical knowledge of mathematics and science. They also need to be proficient in English language skills as well as computer skills.

The horologist is a person who is involved in the preparation and execution of the movement of time. They are responsible for the design, construction, maintenance, and repair of clocks and watches.

Horologists are expected to have a good understanding of timekeeping devices as well as mechanics. They should also have knowledge about different types of gears and mechanisms that are used in clock making.

Horologists are the people who work in the field of timekeeping. They ensure that time is being kept accurately and consistently across different locations. They do this by working with clocks, watches and other instruments of time.

In India, horologists are not legally required to be certified with a university degree or have any specific qualification to be employed in this field. However, they must be eligible for government jobs and have a clean criminal record.

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