Career as Ground Staff (Airport)

Stream : Hospitality, Hotel management and Tourism
Sub Stream : Front Office

Ground Staff (Airport)

Ground staff are the people who work at the airport to help passengers with their luggage, check-in, boarding and other services. They are usually employed by the airlines or ground handling companies.

Ground staff may also be called “cabin crew” or “flight attendants”. They make sure that passengers are comfortable and safe on board of an aircraft.

They make sure that everything is in order before takeoff and after landing of a flight.

Ground staffs are usually employed by airports to assist passengers and aircraft. They perform various duties such as checking in, scanning baggage, boarding, and deplaning.

Ground staffs are considered as one of the most important jobs in the industry because they play an essential role in ensuring that the airport is kept safe and secure.

Ground staffs are also responsible for ensuring that passengers follow all safety procedures. They help them to get checked-in, scan their bags, board their flights, and deplaning from their flights.

Ground staff is the name given to airport personnel who handle baggage, provide customer service and security.

Ground staff are responsible for ensuring that passengers are safe and comfortable in the airport. They also ensure that all passengers have been properly screened before departure. The job scope includes:

- Providing passenger assistance

- Checking baggage

- Conducting security screenings

- Checking passenger tickets

- Helping with lost and found items

Ground Staffs or Airport Workers are the people who work in airports and handle the baggage of passengers. They are also responsible for handling other tasks related to passenger service.

Ground Staffs or Airport Workers are the people who work in airports and handle the baggage of passengers. Their duties vary from airport to airport and they may also be involved with other tasks related to passenger service, such as checking luggage.

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