Career as Genealogist

Stream : Life Science & Environment
Sub Stream : Genetics


 Genetics is the study of heredity. Genetic scientists research to find out how genetic characteristics are transmitted from one generation to the next. They are involved in pursuing research by identifying and manipulating particular genes in plant, animal & human tissue samples. 
Modern genetic theories are based on the double helix structure of DNA as well as the existence of restriction enzymes. The technological findings, advanced research in recombinant DNA has eventually helped in the scientific manipulation of genetic structure for finding cure for many diseases, for increase of agricultural produce, and for finding solutions for environmental problems. The rapid developments in Genomics are exciting. 
• Genetic scientists are involved in research to enhance the existing biological knowledge 
• The process involves isolating those genes which are responsible for particular characteristics and studying the effect of heat, light, temperature and chemicals. 
• Genetic research uses very powerful technical equipment such as electron microscopes, computers etc.. 
• They spend significant time conducting experiments and making observations. They spend considerable time in preparing reports and projecting grant proposals for funding their projects. 
• They normally work as a team of scientists and communicate with other laboratories for required support. 
Specialists in the field of Genetic engineering, population geneticists, Genetic counselling , Bio genetics, Molecular genetics, Cytogenetics, etc. carry out different kinds of tasks. 
• Genetic engineers are involved in research to alter, splice, rearrange genes. Genetic engineers have e.g. invented insulin a drug for the treatment of diabetes, plants and seeds too have been genetically engineered to develop high yielding crops etc.

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 Employment Opportunities for Geneticist:

Research institutions in the field of medical sciences and agricultural sciences employ geneticists . National science and research organizations are allocating funds for research in this sector. Excellent employment prospects are expected due to the bio-revolution. 
• Apollo Hospital
• DNA Labs India
• Genetic Testing Labs
• Indian Council of Medical Research
• et

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 How to become Geneticist?
Path 1:
• Std XII
Stream: Science PCB
• Graduation
Genetics/Agri/Veterinary Sc./Human Biology
• Postgraduation
MSc Genetics> PhD
• Goal

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Median Pay Scale/salary of Geneticist :

A Geneticists can get a pay level that can range from Rs.56,000 - Rs.84,000 depending on seniority. Geneticists will most likely earn an average wage of Seventy Three Thousand dollars on an annual basis. 
Geneticists can get the best pay in the District of Columbia, where they can receive average job salaries of close to about 104350. These employees have the highest pay levels in Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services, where they can earn wages of Rs76,240.

Top Graduate Colleges in India:
1. AWH Special College (AWHSC), Calicut
2. Acharya Bangalore B-School
3. Faculty Of Management Studies (delhi) 
4. Bangalore University 
5. Indian Institute Of Management Kozhikode (iimk) 
6. Christ University, Bangalore 
7.Indian Institute Of Science, Bangalore Career as Geneticist


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