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Forensic Pathologist

A forensic pathologist is a physician who specializes in the investigation of death. The forensic pathologists work with coroners, medical examiners, and law enforcement officials to determine the cause of death and the identification of deceased individuals. They also help with criminal investigations by examining evidence from crime scenes and performing autopsies on victims.

The demand for forensic pathologists is expected to grow in the future as more people die each year due to natural or unnatural causes.

Forensic pathology is a branch of medicine that deals with the examination of human remains to determine the cause and manner of death. It is also known as medical examination of death.

Forensic pathologist is a professional who investigates deaths by examining the body, body fluids, and tissues for signs of injury or disease. They also provide expert testimony in legal cases involving unexplained or suspicious deaths.

The job responsibilities of a forensic pathologist include: conducting autopsies and post-mortem examinations, examining evidence from crime scenes, testifying in court cases, and providing consultation to law enforcement agencies.

Forensic Pathologist is a job that requires a lot of experience and knowledge. In India, the job scope is limited to only certain areas.

It is important to understand the eligibility criteria for this profession in India because it will help you decide if you should pursue a career in this field or not. The eligibility criteria for this profession can be found on the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare website.

Forensic Pathologist is a profession that is not only specialized in the field of medicine but also in the legal field. They are involved in criminal investigations and they have to be able to provide forensic evidence, which can be used in court.

According to the Medical Council of India, a person must have completed MBBS or equivalent qualification for the eligibility for this profession.

The job responsibilities of a Forensic Pathologist includes conducting autopsies on dead bodies and examining postmortem reports, performing forensic toxicology tests, providing expert witness testimony and giving expert opinion on cases related to crime scene investigation.

A Forensic Pathologist usually works with law enforcement agencies like police, FBI and Interpol as well as government bodies like Medical Examiner's Office or Department of Justice.

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