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Farm Worker

Farm work is often considered a back-breaking, low-paying job. But it's also an opportunity for people to earn a living wage and work outdoors in the fresh air.

The beginning of the 20th century saw the rise of a new industry: agriculture. Farmers were in need of workers to cultivate their crops and harvest them. The first agricultural jobs were simple, with farmers using their families or neighbors to help out on the farm. As time went on, more and more people left farms to work in industrial cities for higher wages, creating a need for a new labor force.

In order to meet this demand, farmers began hiring migrant workers from other countries who would travel seasonally between rural areas and urban factories. This labor system was called migrant farming. Migrant farming dominated agriculture until the 1940s when mechanized equipment made it possible for one farmer to operate large expanses of land alone, eliminating the need for migrant workers.

The agricultural industry has been one of the hardest hit by automation, and many farmers are struggling to find laborers to harvest their crops. This is where farm workers come in - they have been filling the gap left by automation.

India is a country where majority of the population works in agriculture. As India’s agricultural production growth has been slow, farm workers have been leaving the profession at a high rate.

Farm workers are among the most vulnerable and least protected sector in India. They are often seen as unskilled, illiterate and uneducated workforce who do not deserve any benefits or rights.

This article will explore how Indian Government could address this issue by creating an eligibility criteria for farm workers which increases their job security and provides them with more opportunities to improve their skillset.

The government of India has recently made changes to the eligibility criteria for farm workers.

The changes in the eligibility criteria have had a significant impact on migrant workers in the country. It is estimated that over 1 million farm workers will lose their jobs due to these changes.

This article discusses the recent changes and its impact on migrant farm workers in India.

The farm worker is a person who works in the agricultural sector, mostly on farms. They are responsible for the entire process of harvesting crops and taking care of livestock.

The eligibility criteria for farm workers vary from state to state. In India, they have to be below the age of 18 and have completed their secondary education. In some states such as Rajasthan, they are required to have a skill certificate or experience in agriculture-related work.

The job responsibilities vary depending on the type of work they undertake. For example, they may be responsible for weeding crops or taking care of livestock by protecting them from predators such as birds and snakes that can kill them if not taken care of properly.

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