Career as Ethical hacker

Stream : Computer Application & IT
Sub Stream : Ethical Hacking

Ethical hacker

The term "ethical hacker" is used to describe someone who breaks into a computer system with the express purpose of finding security problems.

Ethical hackers are also known as "white hat hackers" because they use their skills for good. They help companies find and fix security flaws before criminals can take advantage of them.

An ethical hacker is not a criminal, but instead a skilled professional who understands the importance of security and wants to help make the world more secure.

Ethical hackers are required to conduct ethical hacking tests on a company's network. They are also responsible for making sure that the company has implemented all the security measures.

Eligibility in India: While there is no specific law that defines what eligibility should be, there are certain guidelines set by Indian Government. The eligibility criteria includes a person should not have any criminal record and should have knowledge of computer and networking architecture as well as programming languages.

Job responsibilities: Ethical hackers work in both white hat and black hat ways. They can be hired for penetration testing or for ethical hacking. Their job responsibilities vary depending on which type of job they take up with their respective employers.

Ethical hackers are hired by companies to test their security systems and networks. They work in a variety of fields, including IT, finance, and healthcare.

An ethical hacker is someone who tests the security of computer systems or networks by breaking into them with the goal of finding weaknesses that could be exploited.

The ethical hacker has to be very knowledgeable in the field they are testing, as well as have a good understanding of how computers work. This makes it difficult for someone who is not familiar with programming to become an ethical hacker.

Ethical hackers are the people who work in information security and they are responsible for protecting data from cyber attacks.

Ethical hackers can be found in a number of roles like penetration testers, vulnerability researchers, security analysts, and red teamers.

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