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The career as an Equestrian is one that is often overlooked by many. However, it is a rewarding and fulfilling profession.

Equestrians are responsible for the care and management of horses. They also provide instruction on horseback riding, show jumping, dressage, cross country riding and more.

Careers in this field can be found in zoos, private stables and even public parks.

Equestrian is a term that is used to describe the equestrian sports, which are horse riding and horse racing. Horse riding has been around for centuries and it has been a popular sport ever since.

The scope of this job can be quite large because you will be working with a variety of different horses in different settings. This can include working with horses at home, in the show ring, or in the race track.

The current government of India is trying to make it easier for people to start a career in the equestrian industry.

Equestrian is a career that offers many benefits and opportunities. It helps develop skills such as horsemanship, leadership, and physical fitness. It also gives you the chance to be part of an international community with different cultures and customs.

Equestrians are eligible for job openings in various industries like tourism, education, construction, manufacturing, logistics and more.

Equestrian is a sport that is typically associated with horses and horse riding. It is a professional sport in which riders compete on horses according to their skill, stamina, and speed.

Equestrian is a sport that has been around for centuries. The first recorded horse race was held in the year 1520 by King Henry VIII at the Hampton Court Palace.

In India, Equestrians are eligible for employment under the category of Sports Person (1) only if they are registered with an Indian federation recognised by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports


Equestrians can be employed as Trainers or Instructors under the category of Sportsperson (2). As Trainers or Instructors, they can be employed as coaches or directors in academies

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