Career as Employment Officer

Stream : Law, Defense & Civil Services
Sub Stream : Public Service Employees Network

Employment Officer
Similar to human resources (HR) and recruitment professionals, Employment officer/placement specialists are responsible for filling job openings at companies with qualified applicants. They search for professionals who possess the skill set, educational background and work experience required in roles ranging from IT managers and marketers to sales representatives and business executives.


  • Employment officer are responsible for researching, screening, interviewing and placing job candidates in various positions within a firm.
  • These professionals use various methods--email, cold-calling, instant messaging applications, Internet research and electronic databases--to solicit candidates for job openings.
  • Employment officer must educate candidates on their company’s compensation and benefits packages, help candidates fill out and submit their new hire documentation and make sure that all necessary paperwork is processed with the appropriate departments.
  • Other duties include scheduling orientation training and arranging travel and hotel accommodations for new employees and submitting employee status and performance reports to management.


While looking for a job, we search about the responsibilities, scope, qualification etc required for a particular. But we often forget the most important factors  i.e career interest, Aptitude and personality, needed to be considered, while applying for a job. 

Some of the basic aptitude, personality and interest required to succeed in this career are-





  • Good business acumen which as an employment officer you must be involved in activities which is profitable from business point of view.



Analytical Skills

  • Good decision-making, problem-solving and interpersonal communication skills are needed to execute HR-related tasks and interview candidates. 
  • Negotiation and personal selling skills are also beneficial.



  • This job title is suitable for someone who is social which indicates that someone, who good at face to face interaction and also  who like  to assist others in their development



  • To gain experience for this job title you get invoved in placement cell at your college level. 

Activities of the Placement Cell:

Placement is a crucial interface between the stages of completion of academic program of the students and their entry into the suitable employment. Placement cell is performs the following activities:

·         Arranging in plant training for students.

·         Inviting various organizations for campus recruitment.

·         Training to suit various needs of industry.

In addition to Campus placements the Cell organizes programs like, Mock interviews, group discussions, case studies, etc. It also organizes Seminar programs like,

·         Personality development.

·         Interpersonal and Communication Skills.

·         Career planning and career mapping.

·         Interview Techniques.

  • After gaining the required education you can placement officer in corporate companies, HR agencies, Colleges, institutes etc. 


-As a fresher, you can earn between Rs 3-5 per year.

-The salary depends on several factors such as the organizations you work, work experience, company location, academic background, etc. After gaining an experience, you can earn between Rs 3 to 6 lakh per annum.

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