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Editorial Cartoonist

Cartooning is a visual art form that employs humor and satire to comment on social and political topics. Editorial cartoonists are the ones who create these cartoons for newspapers and magazines.

The editorial cartoonist is often the first person to draw the attention of readers to an issue or event. The drawing becomes a commentary on a news item, event, or current social issue.

It is not necessary to have any artistic abilities in order to be an editorial cartoonist. It is more important that you have a sense of humor and can draw well enough so that your idea can be understood by others as well.

An editorial cartoonist is an artist who draws cartoons and comic strips to comment on current events, usually in a newspaper or magazine. The word "cartoonist" is used as a verb: to cartoonize.

The job of an editorial cartoonist includes the following responsibilities:

- Producing caricatures and drawings that comment on current events

- Creating cartoons for publication in newspapers, magazines, books and other media outlets

- Drawing caricatures of people who are not present at the event being commented on

Editorial cartoonist is a type of journalist who draws cartoons for the purpose of editorial comment.

There are no clear rules on what makes a person eligible to be an editorial cartoonist. It is not necessary that they should be a professional artist and it is not necessary that they should work in the field of journalism.

An editorial cartoonist is one of the most important positions in Indian media. They are responsible for creating and publishing editorial cartoons that have a political or social message.

An editorial cartoonist’s job responsibilities include:

- Creating a cartoon that has a political or social message

- Gathering research on the topic to create an idea for the cartoon

- Drawing and publishing the cartoon in newspapers, magazines, websites, and other print media outlets

- Working with editors to make sure that their cartoons meet deadlines

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