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Drama Teacher

Drama teachers are responsible for teaching drama to students. They teach the students how to perform on stage, act as a character, and do voice modulation. Drama teachers also work with the director of the play to help make sure that the actors have everything they need.

A drama teacher's career is not limited to just teaching in a school setting. They can also teach at a summer camp or even in a theater company. Some drama teachers even do private lessons for their students outside of school hours.

The government of India has made a lot of changes in the education sector. The government is trying to make sure that the students are exposed to diverse subjects, which includes drama as well.

The job responsibilities of a drama teacher are not limited by just teaching and guiding students in theater arts. They also have to maintain records and monitor all the activities related to theater arts in schools.

Eligibility criteria for applying for this job is different from other jobs in India, but it is still very competitive for those who have good experience and skillsets.

Drama teachers in India are not required to be formally educated. They need to be at least 16 years of age and have passed the 10th standard.

According to the 2017 census, there were over 1.3 million drama teachers in India. Most of them teach in schools and colleges while a few teach drama privately.

The job responsibilities of a drama teacher include acting as a mentor, teaching acting techniques and creativity, giving guidance on performance and rehearsal, designing plays for students and organizing performances.

The drama teacher is the one who teaches students about the art of drama. They provide guidance and teach students how to act, create scripts, and design their own performance. The drama teacher is also responsible for maintaining the school's theatre facilities.

The job responsibilities of a drama teacher in India include:

- Conducts workshops on various topics such as improvisation, acting techniques, creative writing etc.

- Works with students in a group setting to improvise and develop scripts for performance

- Helps develop creative writing skills

- Maintains school theatre facilities

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