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Disc Jockey

Disc Jockeys have been around in Indian metros for quite some time now, many pursuing it as a part-time opportunity to earn some extra money. But DJing has now become a serious career option with women too joining the scene and a special school being launched to train youngsters.

Disc Jockeys today are much in demand in nightclubs, huge wedding parties, different navratri functions or for that any happening party.


-DJs create music for an event or a radio audience by combining various genres and tracks through a variety of equipment like turntables, mixers, graphic equalisers, tape decks and several other sophisticated sound processers. 
-DJ is the sole person who not only plays music but also puts in his self created twists to redefine the whole music.
- DJ is responsible for creating an atmosphere of enjoyment and fun during the event.
-May have to interact with the listeners during a live program.


Considering the growing obsession for organizing huge lavish social gatherings, parties and other community events. Given the fact that the present generation is all insane about great music,DJ is by far the coolest profession you can opt for.With there being a huge demand for music filled evenings often accompanied with dancing, opening for proficient DJ’s is not only huge, but also rewards in earning robust greens in just a few hours. You can simply look out for different contracts to give out performances at the banquet halls, farm house parties, discotheques and many other such party places.


While looking for a job, we search about the responsibilities, scope, qualification etc required for a particular. But we often forget the most important factors  i.e career interest, Aptitude and personality, needed to be considered, while applying for a job. 

Some of the basic aptitude, personality and interest required to succeed in this career are-






  • We all love listening to music but to be DJ you little than then just interest in music.


  • You should have an ear for music, be well versed with cueing, equalization and audio-mixing, beat-matching, scratching and beat juggling.


They also need to please the crowd with their music. This is often a hard task since this requires a good knowledge of music, popular global trends, and an understanding of what the crowd wants.


A wannabe DJ must also have an outgoing personality, ability to mix with people and know their mood




DJing is a emerging field, success won’t immediately come to you, no matter how good you are, so in order to survive you need to be someone-

  • who is patient in waiting for things to take their time.
  • Must have a positive attitude as what music you may find good, may not be of liking to others in event.  



DJ Schools in India
The ever increasing growth of the broadcasting and entertainment industry has led to the establishment of a few institutes that now offer specially designed courses in disc jockeying. Some leading institutions which train DJs are:

  • DJ Training Academy, Ahmedabad.
  • Azaredo Acoustics, Mumbai.
  • Spin gurus Spin Gurus DJ & Remixing Academy.
  • Panache-The DJ School, Hyderbad.
  • Splinters DJ School, Mumbai.
  • Born idol school of music.


- There are mainly two types of DJs - those who work for the radio/ FM channels (radio DJs- popularly known as RJs) and those who work at clubs & perform for a live audience at events (club DJs.)

- You can simply look out for different contracts to give out performances at the banquet halls, farm house parties, discotheques and many other such party places.


-In case you get the opportunity to play in pubs or discos, then you can be assured of earning anywhere between Rs. 6 to 11 thousand per night, depending much on the grade of the location you opt for. 
-However, if you are keen to work independently, then you need to look out for people who are willing to hire a DJ. 

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