Career as Demolition Contractor

Stream : Architecture and Construction
Sub Stream : Architectural and civil drafter or engineer

Demolition Expert

Demolition experts are usually contractors or construction managers who are experienced in wrecking and demolition work. These individuals are sometimes also called explosive workers, ordnance handling experts, or simply blasters. Individuals in a management position may supervise others in the most efficient and safest ways to demolish old buildings, homes, and other structures.

Since demolition experts often place and detonate explosives, the work environment requires safety measures to avoid injuries, and special protective clothing is often used. Demolition experts should have Strong analytical, decision-making, verbal communication skills. , time-management and managerial skills. Travel between multiple work sites might be necessary, and licenses or certifications are required for experts working with certain hazardous materials. Additionally, they should have an understanding of materials used in structures, various heavy machinery, and safety practices and procedures.

While employers prefer construction managers with an undergraduate degree, individuals with a high school diploma can start work as construction laborers and gain the necessary experience through several years on the job. Usually, employers provide on-the-job training or apprenticeship programs for new workers.

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Employment Opportunities for  Demolition Expert:

Individuals interested in becoming demolition experts will first need experience in the construction industry. Construction laborer jobs typically have no formal education requirements, and some of the work includes tearing down buildings and removing hazardous materials. Also, construction laborers may gain experience working with equipment used in demolition work, including pavement breakers and jackhammers.

For higher-level positions, usually at least five years of experience is required for supervisory positions, although this requirement can vary. Although there are no formal education requirements, courses or vocation training in construction management can be beneficial.

Aspiring demolition experts may pursue undergraduate degree programs in construction management to improve their knowledge and employment opportunities. Associate's and bachelor's degree programs are available at universities to prepare students for leadership positions within the construction industry. Coursework includes subjects such as engineering construction, project management, soils and foundations, structures, and construction safety.

The National Demolition Association (NDA) offers online academy programs that allow individuals to learn about various aspects of demolition, including safety, cranes and derricks, electrical safety, employee conduct, and risk management. The organization also offers paid internships and summer work opportunities for students.

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How to become Building Demolition Expert?

A traditional college degree is not necessary to become a demolition expert. Although it is possible to enter the field through an apprenticeship program, on-the-job training under the tutelage of experienced demolition experts is the more common route. Most apprenticeship programs require applicants to have at least a high school education or to have successfully passed an equivalency test. Labor unions, vocational training schools, and contractors associations are possible sources of apprenticeships.

In addition, many states have enacted laws requiring successful completion of an approved safety certification program that covers general workplace safety as well as handling hazardous materials. Some states or local jurisdictions may also require demolition workers to pass a licensing test before they may work with explosives.

Physical Attributes

Demolition experts need to possess certain physical attributes. They should possess excellent manual dexterity, both of the hands and the fingers. Demolition experts should have steady hands and be able to keep both the hand and the arm steady when working. Vision and hearing should be within acceptable ranges.

 Mental Attributes

Being a demolition expert requires paying careful attention to even the smallest details. This means demolition experts must be thorough and cautious when working. The job requires self-control, with emotions kept in check, and the ability to tolerate stress. Other recommended traits include honesty, ethical behavior, dependability, cooperative nature and the ability to adapt to changes. Demolition experts also need to be able to think analytically, exercise both deductive and inductive reasoning and sense when a potential problem may arise.

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