Career as Dancer

Stream : Arts, Design & Fashion
Sub Stream : Performing Arts


Dancers have to be in great shape as they are constantly moving their body. They also need a lot of stamina, as they need to perform for long periods of time. Dancers also need to be creative, as they are the ones who choreograph and create the dances that will be performed. Dancers must also have a strong sense of rhythm and timing.

Since dancing is an art form that is not always recognized by many people, dancers often face difficulties finding work. However, there are plenty of opportunities for dancers in different fields such as film and television, theatre productions, or even music videos.

The demand for dancers is expected to grow over the next decade due to the growth in health clubs and dance studios.

The dancer is a popular job in India. It is not just restricted to the dance field, but it encompasses various other fields like aerobics, yoga and even athletics.

The dancer has a lot of responsibilities that includes choreography, teaching and training. They also have to be fit and healthy to perform the different types of dances.

Dancers are eligible to apply for jobs in India through the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) examination. They have to pass a test that is conducted by the National Council for Dance Education and Training (NCDET) and then they have to complete a training course.

There are many job responsibilities that dancers have in different organizations such as dance schools, dance companies, dance competitions, etc. Dancers also work in other areas like choreography, music videos, etc.

Dancer is a profession that is not recognized in India. It is not listed as a profession under the Indian National Occupational Classification (NOC) unlike other professions like teacher and doctor.

In India, Dancer has been classified as an artistic occupation and hence it is not eligible for any other profession but the one they are doing.

A dancer's job responsibilities include teaching, performing, choreographing, designing costumes and much more.

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