Career as Conference Organiser

Stream : Hospitality, Hotel management and Tourism
Sub Stream : Event & Conference Organiser

Conference Organiser

A conference organiser is someone who organises conferences, usually for an academic or professional organisation. The person may be a salaried employee of the organisation, or may organise conferences on a freelance basis.

The person will typically have responsibility for all of the aspects of organising a conference, including booking venues and speakers, arranging catering and other services, and liaising with attendees to ensure that they are aware of all the arrangements.

Conference Organiser is a job with a lot of responsibility. The conference organizer is responsible for the success of the event. They have to plan, organize and execute conferences, events or meetings.

The Conference Organiser's job includes organizing both the conference and its related events like workshops, lectures, seminars, symposiums etc. They also have to take care of all logistics related to the conference such as travel arrangements and accommodation for speakers and delegates.

The Conference Organiser's salary depends on their reputation in the industry as well as their experience in handling conferences successfully. It ranges from Rs 50000-Rs 500000 per month in India

Conference organisers are responsible for the overall logistics of the conference. They are in charge of arranging speakers and sessions, ensuring that the venue is prepared, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly.

Job responsibilities:

- Arranging and conducting talks

- Handling registration

- Ensuring that all attendees have a positive experience

- Ensuring that all speakers have a positive experience

- Coordinating with other departments on conference logistics

Eligibility in India: A candidate should be at least 18 years old to apply for this job. They should also hold a valid passport from India. The candidate must also be able to speak Hindi fluently to ensure smooth communication with conference attendees. This job is open to all nationalities except those who hold dual citizenship or permanent residency status in any country other than

Conference organizers are responsible for the smooth running of a conference. They are in charge of everything from planning, to organizing, to marketing.

The job is important as it helps in creating the right environment for attendees and speakers to make their presentations and engage with each other.

They help the conference get more eyeballs on it by attracting sponsors, media attention, and more attendees.

There is a wide range of conference organizers available in India that can be hired depending on budget and requirements.

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