Career as Bursar- school/college office admin

Stream : Education and Training
Sub Stream : Admission counselor

Bursar- school/college office admin

The Bursar is the person who has the overall responsibility for receiving and spending funds on behalf of the college. The role involves receiving monies from students, parents and other donors in order to make payments to third parties such as contractors or suppliers.

A bursar may also have responsibility for student welfare and pastoral care.

In many cases, bursars are also employed by the institution’s catering service or bookshop, which gives them an additional income stream.

This is a key position in any school or college, because it ensures that it has enough money to cover its costs.

The work can be demanding at times, but there are also plenty of opportunities to offer advice and guidance to students who are experiencing financial difficulties.

The bursar is the person who manages the finances of a college or school. The bursar reports to the principal and is responsible for managing the accounts and funds of a school, college or university. The bursar's responsibilities include:

-Managing the budget

-Collecting tuition fees

-Preparing financial records

-Preparing budgets

-Managing investments

-Paying bills and invoices

Bursars are the person in charge of the finances and administration of a school or college. They have many responsibilities that include maintaining financial records, managing accounts, handling alumni relations and fund raising.

The eligibility for this job is a graduate degree in commerce or finance with at least 3 years of experience. The payscale is up to Rs.5 lakh per annum.

A bursar is a person who handles the financial affairs of an educational institution. The bursars are required to be qualified accountants and have a degree in commerce or equivalent qualification.

The job responsibilities of a bursar are:

- Managing the finances of the institution,

- Maintaining records and accounts,

- Disbursing funds in accordance with instructions from the management,

- Preparing budgets for approval by management,

- Liaising with auditors and providing information on financial matters to management.

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