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Building Inspector

Building Inspectors may be asked to examine any building that is being proposed for development, construction, or demolition. They also examine buildings to determine if they are safe and if they meet the appropriate codes. This includes examining the physical structure of buildings, as well as any interior and exterior features that may pose a hazard.

Building Inspectors may work in a variety of fields such as private sector development companies, government public works departments, public health departments and independent consulting firms.

Building inspectors are responsible for inspecting the structural, mechanical, and electrical components of a building. They must also be able to identify any safety hazards that may exist.

In India, the eligibility criteria to become a building inspector is an engineering degree in civil or mechanical engineering with at least 3 years of experience in construction or design.

A Building Inspector is responsible for inspecting the building to ensure that it is safe to occupy. They also inspect the building for any violations or deficiencies. The scope of a Building Inspector's job varies from country to country and so does the payscale.

The eligibility for becoming a Building Inspector in India is 12th Pass with ITI (Industrial Training) Certificate in Building Inspection, or 10th Pass with ITI (Industrial Training) Certificate in Building Inspection, or Diploma in Civil Engineering with 2 years experience.

The scope of the job is to inspect buildings and other structures to ensure that they are safe for human occupancy. The eligibility requirements in India vary depending on the area of specialization.

A building inspector may be required to carry out inspections for buildings, bridges, highways, dams and other structures. They also have a responsibility to identify any unsafe conditions. A building inspector's payscale depends on the location where they work and their level of experience.

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