Career as Biotechnologist

Stream : Engineering & Mathematics
Sub Stream : Biotechnology


Biotechnology is a booming career with many benefits for those who choose to pursue this field. Biotechnology includes the use of living systems, such as bacteria and plants, to develop and make products. Biotech workers can be found in every industry - agriculture, food production and medical research.

Biotechnology is an innovative field because biotechnologists are tasked with solving problems that are created by humans, such as climate change or the need for healthy food alternatives.


Biotechnology is a broad field that includes many different aspects of science and engineering. It includes the genetic engineering of living organisms, medical biotechnology, bioinformatics, industrial biotechnology and environmental biotechnology.

A Biotechnologist can work on a variety of projects in the field of research and development. They are responsible for designing experiments to provide information about living systems and processes. This ranges from understanding how cells work to developing new products or manufacturing processes for food, fuel or medicine.

Job responsibilities:

- Researching new ways to extract natural resources from plants and animals

- Developing new applications for natural resources

- Evaluating the safety of new products before they are released into the environment or on humans

- Developing new processes for creating chemicals, fuels

Biotechnology is the application of biology and other life sciences to the development of products and processes for improved quality of life. Biotechnology is a highly specialized field, so it’s important to find out which area you want to work in before you start looking at job postings.

Some biotechnologists are involved in research and development, while others are involved in manufacturing or marketing. Job responsibilities vary widely depending on your area of expertise. For example, someone who works with food biotechnology might be tasked with developing new food products or improving existing ones. Someone working with medical biotechnology might be responsible for developing new treatments or diagnostics that can help people live better lives.

Biotechnology is the use of living organisms and their products to develop or make goods. Biotechnology has been used for thousands of years to make food, wine, cheese, yogurt, beer and other fermented foods. In recent decades biotechnology has become more advanced. It is now used to produce medicines such as insulin, human growth hormone and vaccines; it is also used to produce artificial organs for transplantation into humans.

Job responsibilities:

Biotechnologist's job responsibilities include developing new biotechnologies and improving existing ones. They may also be involved in developing new drugs or medical devices. Biotechnologists work in a variety of settings such as universities or research institutes; pharmaceutical companies; biotechnology companies; hospitals or clinics; government agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration.

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