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A barrister is a type of lawyer in common law jurisdictions, who specialises in court work and the defence of individual liberties. They are the only ones that can argue cases in court as well as serve as a judge.

Barristers must have studied law and passed a Bar Professional Training Course before qualifying for the bar. In order to be called to the bar, barrister just need to get called to it by an individual such as their employer or senior barrister before they can argue cases in court.
Some specialist barristers are drawn mainly or exclusively from among retired judges and hold important posts in government.

Barrister is an English term for a lawyer who has been called to the Bar and is entitled to practise as a barrister.

A barrister is qualified to argue cases in court, either as prosecution or defence counsel, and the majority of barristers are self-employed, or work in small law firms.

The eligibility for becoming a barrister in India lies with the Bar Council of India.

A barrister is a lawyer who has been trained in law and admitted to the bar. They are qualified to do all of the tasks that a solicitor can do, but they are also able to represent clients in higher courts, such as the Court of Appeal.

In India, any person who is an advocate can be called a barrister if they have been admitted to practice before Supreme Court or High Courts. The eligibility criteria for becoming a barrister in India is that you must be at least 25 years old and have completed five years of practice as an advocate. The payscale for this profession in India ranges from Rs 20000-30000 per month.

A barrister is a lawyer that has been trained in the law, but is not qualified to practice as a solicitor. A barrister is qualified to plead cases in front of courts and judges.

Barrister can be seen as an advocate or a public prosecutor, who can represent clients in the court of law. They are also known as counsels or advocates. Barrister's duty is to present the case for their client and persuade the judge or jury to decide in favor of their client.

To become a barrister, one needs to complete an apprenticeship with another practicing barrister for at least 12 months, before they can apply for a training contract with one of the four Inns of Court. The apprenticeship lasts until they are called to the Bar by one of these In

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