Career as Actor/Actress

Stream : Arts, Design & Fashion
Sub Stream : Acting/ Drama
An actor portrays a character and communicates with the audience on behalf of the playwright, guided by a director. Actors work mainly indoors in theatres & studios, and also do on-location shoots for films & television. Performing artists are creative people. Actors need to understand and interpret the roles they are given. They then use their emotions or feelings to portray the character, performing in close coordination with co-stars. They work either for stage performances, or in films, television, and radio.

Some actors specialize in one medium. Films - Actors are hired for a particular film for either the main role or for a side role. The whole production may take months, so the actor may be involved over the long term or during some shots. Television/Radio - actors are usually employed for one particular program or long-running serials. TV work requires special skills for working with a camera. Actors may also specialize in radio plays. Many actors work in commercial advertising where they either appear in commercials or lend their voices. Theater - requires working almost continuously for the duration of the show, while there may be long breaks in films, and to a lesser extent on television. There can be a good deal of sitting around waiting for the next scene to be recorded. The actor has to learn his part and rehearse the play.

 Job opportunities for Actor:

Performing artists work essentially in the entertainment industry and also as trainers. The entertainment sector offers a variety of options from the electronic media to live shows. As trainers and therapists, opportunities exist with institutions and private academies.

 Top Recruiting Companies of Actor:

• Film Studios in India
• The Associated Broadcasting Company Ltd (ABCL)
• TV Studios in India

How to become an Actor?

Stream: Any

Bachelors in any subject

• Diploma

Median Pay Scale of Actor:

A beginner can earn anything between Rs 1,500-3,000 per episode, on television. As your popularity soars, so does your paycheque. In the movies, a junior artist starts with Rs 15,000. Once you get good recognition as an actor in the industry you could demand your price. Some actors get paid as much as Rs. 30,000/- per episode.

Top Graduate Colleges in India:

Asian Academy of Film & Television
National School Of Drama (USD) 
Barry John Acting Studio 
Film And Television Institute Of India (ii) 
Whistling Woods International 

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