Mental Health | Awareness is necessary, but right action is what counts the most

Mental Health | Awareness is necessary, but right action is what counts the most
30 July 2019

The Power of Positive Thinking: Mental Health Matters Now More Than Ever

We, as a parent, make sure to give the best of facilities by admitting the best schools, classes and providing them with all the facilities mandatory them to excel in their field of study or job but even often over ignore issues relating to there mental health.


Maintenance of the stability of the mind and to have it functioned positively should be the concern of many parents than their academic performance. At the time when the child is pressured with academics there’s a chain of negative emotions that is encountered by the child at this stage inducing positive notions is what should be carried out by the parents . There are certain indications that portray that the mental health is slightly affected of the child.

Determinants of the mental health:

Adolescence is a complex phase to be in and to be able to develop and maintain emotional habits is required for the wellbeing of the mind. There are several factors that hamper the wellbeing of the child in distinct ways and they mainly could be inappropriate parenting styles, low self-esteem, economic issues and much more. Multiple factors such as learning to regulate emotions according to the situation, healthy sleep patterns, adequate food intake, problem solving abilities, coping surface as indicators indicating a healthy framework of mind.

The more the exposure of risk factors the child has, the more hampered the mental state of the child would be. In cases of domestic violence where the child feels threatened to stay indoors or even if the child is punished by beating several ways already has a hindered mind. Most of the parents fail to realise that maintaining the sanity of the mind is the most vital aspect to be looked after. Teenage is a phase which is not completely understood by parents and even by the child that is how it becomes important for the parents to acknowledge the red flags for mental illnesses which are

  1. Abrupt sleeping patterns
  2. Skipping meals
  3. Aggressive conduct
  4.  Being Easily hurt
  5.  Frequent Outbursts of emotions
  6. Underperformance in curriculum

There would be numerous amounts of time when the child faces concurrent mood swings, outrageous behaviour and many more to have it channelized into a positive direction respective activities must be made to practice by the child with their parents.

Mental health awareness is important for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Managing peer pressure and taking an emotional intelligence course can help you stay on track.


Mindful activities

1) Making the child to list down (verbally) ten things that he is thankful for would awaken the sense of the grief in the child.

2) Engagement of the child in positive self –talk, for an instance practicing awakening phrases such as “I am a positive person” and “I will perform remarkably in my examination” phrases as such must be affirmed by the child specially   before sleeping to engrave these notions in the subconscious mind.

3)The concept of mind full yoga or meditating at peace for a few seconds must be incorporated in the schedule of the child since they help in various ways to make the child think, act and behave positively making the moral ground of the child unshaken .

 It is undoubtedly difficult to tame the outrageous behaviour of their young ones for care takers or parents. It can be really mentally and physically exhausting for being the support system of someone who throws tantrums quite often, that’s how it becomes more important for parents to take care of their mental wellbeing. There are ways specifically for the parents to ensure their stability of emotions and those ways include:

1. It is really important to find an accurate balance between being supportive and being able to draw the line, in simpler words to know where there has to be a restriction in the    efforts of the self.

 2.To always think wisely before speaking, to know that the child is at the most sensitive phase it’s always important to have thought  before speaking.

 3. Making sure that one does not burn out completely for maintaining someone else’s mental wellbeing.

 4. A strong evidence suggests that nonverbal cues express way better than words , sometimes a warm friendly hug does wonders  what even strong words cannot .

 5. If there is found to be difficulty in caring for the respective child there has taken place a  mental exhaustion” to be non-reactive “turns  out to be the best.

    To know when to seek a professional help:

Constant execution of aggressive behaviour by teens is not something to be baffled or questioned about; such things do take place in that phase but at the same it is

Important to know whether things have gone out of hand or whether or not does the child need a professional help to curb any disturbance of the mind. Hesitation in consulting the child to a medical (In extreme or severe cases) or professional help would negatively affect the rest of the life of the child in many other ways.

Many of the parents often worry about the career of their child and their concern stands quite correct and genuine in their own part. When the child learns to stable and strong on emotional levels choosing of the path of the career becomes a lot more easily.  Thus to recognise the ability of the child for the respective career, please Take Our Career Assessment Test



The subconscious mind is the integral part of the mind which may not be in focal awareness but is present underneath the layers of the mind, the subconscious mind acts as a plain surface whatever would be fed on to it, the conscious mind would act accordingly .The act of discovering negative notions and emotions and turning them into optimistic ones would help individuals embark new heights and also to acknowledge the beauty of law of attraction that the universe holds. In order to understand the power of the subconscious mind it is important to differentiate it from the conscious mind. The conscious mind is the awareness of the current scenario that the mind has whereas the subconscious mind is the creation of beliefs and thoughts. The entire concept of the power of the subconscious mind and the gravity of law of attraction stayed undiscovered for many years but after the acquaintance of the same many philosophers and psychologists insist on having it practiced. The subconscious mind helps us create belief systems and quality of the thoughts those respective qualities thus are seen to be reflecting in the behavioural patterns as well.

The stage of adolescence is such that negative behaviour is executed by teens on very general bases, the cause of such would be constant engaging in feeding negative inputs in the subconscious mind, when the negative inducing would be altered so would be the behavioural pattern as well because at the end negative thought process or belief system would lead to the same pattern of behaviour altogether. Repetitive, firm and positive affirmations such as “I am a very positive person “or “I choose to remain calm in every possible situation “would push the individuals mainly teens all the more to function positively no matter how mentally draining the situation turns out to be. 

Did you know that your subconscious mind is powerful enough to help you beat exam anxiety? Find out more in our self-management course.

Methods to practice the power of the subconscious mind:

The human mind is in its purest form prior to the time of sleeping or right after getting awake from a good sleep, in this duration, repetition of positive and firm affirmations are the most helpful in this span.

The process of adapting positive belief system is carried out in pictorial forms that are creating mental imagery of successful notions that is imagining of the child that he has already performed well in academics and so on. Unbelievable as it may sound, but affirmations do help a lot in career aspects as well. Constant imagining that one is already successful in their respective field (with investing efforts along) would root sense of dedication in the subconscious mind chalking the career path more efficiently.

Harnessing the strength of the subconscious mind to direct in a way that one stays focused with their career is the most impactful attempt to remain determined and focused. To also acknowledge the inner strength of the child to device a relevant career do click on the link “link to be added “. 

The other and the most impactful method of generating positive thought is to engage is positive self -talk that is talking to the self by stating that “ I may overcome any situation that may knock my door with grace and positivity. “

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