Difference between Computer based and Paper based Test

Difference between Computer based and Paper based Test
30 July 2019


Conventionally Tests in India have been conducted Paper based. But many entrance exams  nowadays are also offering Computer based Test. Since students throughout their curriculum have the habbit of paper based test, it becomes a bit difficult to adjust to the new computer based style of examination.

Let us understand the difference, difficulties and adjustments between the Paper based and Computer based Test :

-It's easier to skim through the questions and your answers in a paper based Test, whereas in computer based Test it becomes difficult to skim through the questions and difficult to review your answers while scrolling or going back.

-It's easier to mark and write notes on the Question paper in paper based Test, which is a limitation in Computer based Test.

-Staring at the Computer screen for a long time could be strenuous to the eyes, so give your eyes some rest in the middle of the Test. (Maybe an eyedrop to cool off your eyes)

-Most of the Computer based Tests have multiple choice questions, and each question appears at your screen one question at a time. Sometimes you dont have an option to go back and correct your answers, so rectifying your mistakes later becomes impossible making it a great disadvantage in negative marking Tests.

-It would be no surprise if most of the Tests are made Computer based in the future considering the results of the Tests are published faster and accurate.

-So students should prepare themselves and practice Computer based Test as much as possible to get a hang of it.

-As far as comparing the two tests to see which is better, students definitely have to adjust themselves for Computer based Test, as they have been in the habbit of Paper based Test throughout their School/College curriculum. But in Computer based Test, the results are published faster and accurately, not to forget it's the greener way to go!!



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