Career in Game Designing

Career in Game Designing
30 July 2019

To become a Flash Game Developer you need :

Adobe Photoshop
ï‚· Adobe Illustrator
ï‚· Adobe Premier Pro
ï‚· Adobe Flash
ï‚· 3ds Max
ï‚· Autodesk Maya
ï‚· Animation skills and knowledge of :(3d animation , flash animation, traditional animation, stop motion , clay animation .....)
* Learning Unity. Programming knowledge : Good knowledge and hands on the programming Logics. Of C, C++, Objective C.

Core Competency :

  • Comprehensive knowledge of game testing techniques and methodologies.
  • Knowledge of the games market with strong passion for video games.
  • Familiar with software types and operating platforms.
  • Knowledge of gaming industries, basic computer languages, good with computer hardware and software's.
  • Possess good negotiation, problem solving and communication skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and meet tight deadlines.


  • Creating mobile gaming applications (iOS & Android), based on Adobe AIR.
  • Independent optimization and further development of features for the mobile Games.
  • Evaluating current technologies and trends in the mobile sector.
  • Cooperating with UI designers when creating the mobile interfaces.
  • Customization of the apps with Native Interactive features and support for various mobile terminal devices (smartphones and tablets).
  • Work profile involved developing flash games using Action Script 3.0 (Adobe Flash CS3).



To become a Q.A.Engineer (Game Tester) you have to :

  • Interact with the game development team and discuss the game development process, requirements & upcoming.
  • Test Flash games on PC, track bugs & report them to the programmers & animators for implementing fixes.
  • Analyze the gameplay to make sure its user friendly and understandable for kids. Further inform the game-designers if any changes are required.
  • Ensure that the game is bug-free & is released on date. 
  • Design game testing plans and perform systematic execution of games like First Person/Third Person Shooter, Racing Games, Real Time Strategy etc.
  • Test different type of games i.e. Console & PC Games and report bugs found in the game to software developers.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all tests are performed in time and the bugs are found before the release of game.
  • Prepare an EOD update explaining the tests performed in the entire day.
  • Usability of an application.
  • Reporting & verifying anomalies in project database.
  • Professionally & accurately describe discrepancies to programmers.
  • As a ‘Dev Tester’ preparing test-cases for AUT.
  • Highlighting critical phases of game development to manage development planning.
  • POC between ‘QA’ and ‘Dev.’ team.
  • Reporting game development progress on daily basis to Development and Production team.
  • Planning and assigning task for QA team.
  • Representing QA in planning, scheduling and design meetings of Development. 
  • Act as a point of contact within the organization for all stakeholder seeking information and advice on projects.
  • Keep track of all projects from end-to-end at all point of time.
  • Be responsible to coordinate all projects.
  • Evaluates the feasibility of the projects.
  • Determine human resource needs and manages employees’ performance.
  • R&D on current gamming requirements.
  • Designing new content for game updates.
  • Coordinating Development team for design implementation.
  • Providing art direction to art team.
  • Verifying Alfa, Beta and final build for approval.


To become a 3D Artist you can do pursue a Degree - Bachelor of Fine Art

  •    Asset development that is Modeling, Texturing, Lighting  of Characters, Environments and Props for various games of PC and mobile base platforms.
  •    Sculpting Hi-Res detail models of Characters, Vehicles and Props in        Zbrush.
  •    Unity Supported Rigging  for  Characters and Props . Configuring rig in unity to support the unity mechanim system.       
  •    Asset Compilation in Unity Game Engine : Integrating all the game art assets    into the Unity3D engine.
  •    Level Optimisation in Unity which includes Material Optimisation, Optimisation of Texturepages, using LOD’s of models.
  •   Modeling ( Characters, Props, Environments ) - Responsible for creating        High resolution detail models and Low resolution Game Models of Characters, Vehicles, Game Environments and Props. 
  •   Texturing ( Characters, Environments, Props ) - Responsible for detail Realistic Texturing of Game Assets including Character, Props and Environments.
  •   3D Level Design – Worked on 3D level development of Tracks like Burnout Dominator , Burnout Paradise (EA Sports) and Chariots Racing Game (Candella Software).
  •   Level Optimisation – Responsible for Optimisation of Levels , Material Optimisation , Creating LOD's of models, Baking of Game Assets.
  •   Pilot Projects – Worked on Pilot projects for Disney Interactive Studio, Telltale Games, Quantic Dreams.
  • Modeling (Characters, Props, Environments ) - Responsible for creating detail models for Environments , Characters and Props for famous TV Series like Mickey Mouse Club House , Iron Man , Jungle Book , Mikido .
  •   Texturing – Responsible for creating detail textures for Environments and Props for Tv series.
  •   Blocking and Layout – Responsible for creating blocking and layout of 3D environment according to storyboards.
  •   Blend Shapes – Responsible for creating blendshapes  of varoius Sets and props.
  •   Worked in close association with Layout Team, Lighting and Compositing Team.


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