Career in Event Management

Career in Event Management
30 July 2019

Pursuing B.A. after 12th and then a Course or degree in Event Management should be the Education path.

Following are some Profiles in Event Management to give you an idea of the Careerpath and Responsibilities :

Profile(scope of work) of Chief Manager – Marketing & Events / Promotions/Artist Management :

  • Events & Promotions                                                -              Brand Building & Positioning
  • Communication & PR                                               -              Margin & Sales Analysis
  • Event Conceptualisation                                           -              Quality Standards Market Research
  • High End Budgets                                                      -                Pricing and Financial Plans


  • Conceptualise, market, budget, plan and implement  new events and brand promotions for Clients.
  • Brand Building & Positioning through ground events & promotions.
  • Identify agencies, create exhaustive brief for concepts, negotiations and top of the line execution & operations management.
  • Cross promos with various corporate houses.
  • Conceptualize, plan, budget, sell and implement events and ground promotions.
  • Maintaining cordial & benefiting relationships with existing & new clients.
  • Activity spectrum included – Conceptualising Events / promos , Relationship management, Business Development, Promotional-modeling, Market analysis, inter departmental / divisions coordination.
  • Managing all logistics and ground execution for all events.
  • One-point contact for all celebrity management & movie promotions.
  • Liasioning with product groups, event, advertising & PR agencies to identify innovative branding, marketing & communication tools.
  • Responsible for planning, strategizing, budgeting and implementing branding, marketing and sales campaigns for Clients.
  • Part of the brand management team for, responsible for generating revenues and increasing user database.
  • Plan, execute and conduct Award Ceremonies and Launch new products for the brand.
  • To manage client relationships and generate businesses by providing customized solutions to their marketing needs.
  • Conceptualise, sell and execute marketing and sales promotions.
  • Media planning for marketing and sales campaigns - Print, Radio, Outdoors, Electronic.
  • Use extensive outdoor marketing tools -  Hoardings, Banners, Bus shelters, Mobile vans.
  • Plan, launch, market and sell new initiatives / products for Clients.
  • Manage, maintain and handle all tie-ups and alliances for marketing / sales promos.
  • Execute PR Campaigns, Media planning of ads, promotional and sales campaigns.
  • Conceptualise, Create and schedule radio spots.
  • Conceptualise, create and implement new merchandise.
  • Conceptualise new marketing campaigns.
  • Maintain strong relations with all vendors and minimise costs.
  • Identify & develop new vendor database.
  • Managing all ground events and celebrities.



Executive Producer for TV Channel & Shows :

Job Profile: -    1. Coordinate and line up the shoots.

                        2. Scheduling of episodes.

                              3. Meetings and coordination with production houses.

                              4. Take care of artists’ looks and the set up.

                              5. Coordinate with the post n production house.

                              6. Creative calls for scripts, scripting, filtering scripts

                              7. Casting, payments, contracts.

                              8. Look after the telecast

                        9. Prepare budgets according to different shoots

                        10. Location hunting and taking creative calls for the same

                        11. Location hunting and taking creative calls for the same

                        12. Cordinate the scripting work with the floor director.

                              13. Make calls and arrange for the participants according to the episodes, give them appropriate call timings.

                              14. Brief the participants about the show.

                              15. Look after the costumes of Anchors.

                              16. Manage audience on the floor and participants on the Floor during Shoot.

                              17. Filtering and deciding the day’s work with other assistants and the director.

                              18. Give property list for the requirements date wise, scene wise to the Production team.

                              19. Check Continuity.

                              20. Write continuity sheets.

                              21. Take artists rehearsals and provide them with their scenes.

                              22. Give artists requirement as per the days schedule.

                              23. Check the stock before each scene.

                              24. Shot discussion with the director for the next day’s shoot.






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