Career as Nutritionist/Dietitian

Career as Nutritionist/Dietitian
30 July 2019

Following could be the Education Careerpath :

1) BSc Microbiology, Food Production and Food Processing, etc or B.H.Sc, with Specialization:Applied Nutrition.

2) Post graduation in Dietetics and Hospital Food Service or other specializations eg. Post graduation certificate in Diabetes Education.

3) Become a Registered Dietitian from the Indian Dietetic Association with an Internship in Hospital.


​Nutritionist/Dietitians work in Hospitals, Freelance Nutrition Therapist / Nutritionist, Fitness Centres, Content and Research (Consultant) and F & B Companies with the following Job Resposibilities :

  • Planning effective diet according to the clients need.
  • Closely monitoring all the slimming clients’ progress in the centre.
  • Responsible for revenue generation of slimming department.
  • Managing customer relationships.
  • Orientation of all new slimming staff recruited in the centre.
  • Indirect marketing of high Nutrition products by conducting Nutrition programmes at Schools.
  • Handling all the diet related queries of all school students.
  • Have expertise in preventive care as well as disease management programs.
  • Training the trainers: - Trained empanelled nutritionists on how to conduct various health and nutrition programs.
  • Planning diets and counselling obese individuals, diabetics, cardiac patients, underweight individuals etc. (face to face as well as telephonic sessions)
  • Conducting nutrition awareness seminars and health talks in Companies.
  • Working as a nutrition expert for Online Companies for answering queries related to health and nutrition.
  • Diet Consultation at Health Clinics.
  • Conducting health camps in renowned organizations.
  • Health coaching: - provided health coaching to company employees after complete health assessment.
  • Handling Dietetics Dept. and F and B Dept of a Company. (Working as the HOD).
  • Planning diets for the admitted patients. Checked the diets planned by the junior dietician before prescription.
  • Daily ward and ICU rounds. Individual discharge diet counseling to patients, planning of R.T. feeds and all the other therapeutic diets.
  • Prescribing diets to health check up patients and also to OPD patients.
  • Conducting seminars and health talks.
  • Managing Staff.


Hospitals :

  • Planning menus for patients and hospital staff and checking quality assurance in the dept.
  • Carrying out intra departmental clinical audits.
  • Provide medical nutrition therapy to patients.
  • Provide dietary consultations to inpatients and outpatients, especially paediatrics.
  • Co-ordinate between Doctors, Patients, their families and nurses.
  • Undertake training of student dieticians doing internship. 
  • Administer the smooth functioning of department in the absence of department head.
  • Conduct group education for health workers, patients & other hospital staff.
  • Diet Planning, Explaining and Counselling the patients and clients.
  • Diet planning included weight loss, weight gain diets, and also therapeutic diets for renal diseases, cardiac diseases, diabetes, cancer etc.
  • Checking blood parameters at regular intervals and changing the diets accordingly. Prescribing nutritional supplements if needed etc.
  • Handling long distance clients through email and phone counseling.
  • Ward, ICU and ICCU rounds, Handling OPD Patients, Counseling, and Therapeutic Diet Planning.

  • Counseling the parents of pediatric patients about good nutrition  and better health for their children. (Health Camp)

  • Planning diets for the members of a gym. Planning and counselling weight loss (fat loss) diets, weight gain diets, therapeutic diets (for members with diabetes, dyslipidemia, Hypertension etc.)

  • Nutrition and diabetes education consultation to patients enrolled onto Healthcare Magazines, Websites, etc.

  • Counseling on lifestyle modification and nutrition focusing on prevention and management of obesity and metabolic disorder.

  • Conduct corporate health risk assessment workshops, lectures & events across India.

  • Responsible for business development and project development.

  • Nutrition Service/Product Devt. : - Article writing for company websites and newsletters, developed power point presentations and develop several other products related health and nutrition.

  • Provide content for CCC & DCC (Educational, Scientific & Promotional, etc).

  •  Develop, implement and maintain a corporate Social Media strategy with Facebook, Twitter, Blogs and Newsletters. Conduct training and take lectures for the junior staff.

  • Develop patient communication material and medical condition guidelines.

  • Create successful email marketing campaigns.

  • Conduct lectures for interns and college students.


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