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Allegiance Educare Pvt. Ltd. is a career portal development company headquartered in Mumbai. The Company registered in 2014, since then has Guided more than 50000 students, more than 250 mentor associates from more than 30 cities, Conducted various Career Seminars for NGOs, Schools, Colleges, Corporates across India and facilitated several Career Counsellors, Business Associates across India. With all this experience, Allegiance Educare has built an effective advanced automated end to end online career portal from choosing the right career through career assessment test with the help of 'Advanced Career Assessment Test Engine' to choosing the right course-institute with the help of 'CareerBank Search Engine'. In an attempt to scale the reach of career counselling across the country,  we have developed B2B Portal for Career Counselling Professionals like self branding advanced editor portal, Test Codes, Career Counselling Templates, Mentor program and Career Counselling Certification. 

Online Career Assessment Test with High validity and reliability.
Automated Report shortlisting from more than 600 careers under the whitelabel partner's brand.
Lead generation portal for educational Institutes, connecting students to the right institute for the right course.
Database of trained Mentors across India to facilitate Whitelabel partners for Career Counselling from any part of India.
Payment gateway integrated to the Whitelabel partner bank account.
Whitelabel partners get Blogs, Forums, Careerbank, Careertour and many more career tools on their website.
Many more features like student relationship management, lead management system, etc

Proprietory Technologies :
-Advanced career assessment test engine, to calculate the combination of logic for more than 600 careers.
-Student relationship management, to keep track of student counsellings.
-Careerbank search Engine, your one stop one solution to know everything about a Career.
-Counselling Bot, Guide to your Career related issues to the right solution.

Recognitions and Associations :
-Global Career Development Association 
-Asia RecognitionsPacific Career Development Association
-Global Career Development Association.
Whitelabel-Self branding Career portal editor, Test Codes for for businesses with career website, Career Counselling Template to manage the portal on your server.
Trained Mentors across India to facilitate Whitelabels for face to face counselling across India.

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  • Create a Global Automated, Effective and Accurate Career Portal to assist in end to end Career Solutions through technologies like AI ML, data analytics.

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  • Empower career counseling professionals through Mentor , whitelabel, certifications, etc. Scale career counseling via self branding products and mentors in every part of the country.



  • Technology and scalability


Allegiance Educare is creating a healthy mechanism for students to choose their best career path.
We are a career portal development company creating tools like psychometric test, careerbank, institutes listings, blogs, forums, etc. to facilitate individuals in choosing the right career.
Breaking the conventional and unprofessional method of choosing careers To create a career counseling platform facilitating a scientific approach in choosing a suitable career as per an individuals's caliber and interest.

Open career counseling franchise across the country to make the career counselling platform available for everyone.
Students and parents have always struggled to identify an accurate career path. Especially in India, students across states do not have a proper mechanism in schools and colleges that allow them to scientifically analyze their interests, aptitude, and personality while choosing a career path. This undeniable fact, coupled with his own exhausting personal experience to identify a career path led Ashish Bhati to set up Allegiance Educare Pvt. Ltd.
Most students opt-out of career counseling as they find these processes to very expensive. Considering this factor also, Allegiance Educare offers these online tests at a very affordable rate of ₹2599. The aim is for every student to be able to take up this test and decide based on the reports which career they want to choose.

Ashish wanted to make this product scalable across India and figured out the franchise model would be the solution to this. This led to the innovation of Whitelabel. With Whitelabel, academic institutions/academies across India can register their websites under their own brand with Allegiance Educare's ecosystem. By registering with Allegiance for ₹65,000 per year, these academic institutions can access their own career consulting portal. To help them try this out for a lower cost, they also offered a basic model for ₹25,000 per year.

Mentor as a career path...

Allegiance Educare is not just about students. There are people out there who aspire to be good counselors, but don’t know where to start. They can register with Allegiance Educare and get a basic training to interpretate, summarize and explain the report to students. This module encourages people to get trained in counseling and help students who require proper guidance.
Allegiance Educare team's vision while starting Allegiance Educare was to create a career counseling platform facilitating a scientific approach in choosing a suitable career as per an individuals' caliber and interest. Now that he has laid a strong foundation, after so many years of struggle, he is constantly working on his mission. The mission is to open a career counseling franchise across the country to make the career counseling platform available for everyone at an affordable price and with an accurate career path.

Education can never be compromised and similar is one’s career. There are so many talented and aspiring individuals who have faced and are still facing day to day struggle just because they had no proper guidance while choosing their career. Choosing your career is not only about validating your financial needs, it is beyond that. A wrong career path will break an individual’s personality, confidence, self-esteem, and eventually their mental health. Allegiance Educare Pvt Ltd. Wishes to create an ecosystem where every individual is happy and satisfied with their career choice!


Individuals survey their career potential by working with our expert experience in helping other people find their bearing. Allegiance Educare has given top to bottom guidance to individuals working in different enterprises looking for career counselling. Career counseling can get you answers to questions about personal fascinates, skills strengths, and how to achieve your goals. According to a recent study, only 36 percent of people are ecstatic with their jobs. If an individual is woeful with his or her Career choice that could lead to apprehensiveness melancholy, physical health issues, mood changes, and other issues. Career development is a perennial process that includes developing skills, fascinates, phrenic conceptions, processes and more that are influenced by heredity, personality traits, socioeconomic factors, etc. Career counseling sanctions a person to understand themselves and their role in the workplace to make edified life decisions.
At the point when you consider career counselling, professional success rings a bell. Be it a new position, an advancement, or whatever else identifying with your profession, a counselor can help. We test you, giving you a psychometric test or aptitude test to help figure out which career is a solid match for you. This is particularly obvious in case you're youthful or unsure about what career you need. We will assist you with finding your abilities and assist you with finding a profession that is directly for your qualities.

While profession guides will be unable to help interface you with a new position, they can help you by permitting you to improve your application and increment your certainty to land that position you had always wanted.
In essence, Career counselling builds the substructure for decision-making skills you require throughout your life. Career counselors avail you identify your skills, goals, feelings, edification, and perpetuated development opportunities. They offer valuable erudition about resources and information, availing you understand life factors that influence your aspirations in positive and negative ways. They develop an overall plan for goal achievement. Career counselors come in the forms of school counselors, therapists, life coaches, business-incubator organization representatives, colleagues, family members, friends, and more.
One must be available for evaluating qualities and shortcomings. Be forthright and genuine about what you need and don't need. Our profession advisor then has a face to face chat with the individual to see the best accessible choices dependent on intrigue, understanding, aptitudes, thoughts and the sky is the limit from there. We depend on the individual to give input as opposed to staying there latently sitting tight for answers.

Career counselling is significant on the grounds that everybody merits a career that fulfills them. While a few people may simply need any activity they can to bring in some cash, career counselling additionally considers what's to come. Being caught in a career you don't care for can cause burnout, and individuals who have practical experience in career counselling can interface you to occupations where burnout is more uncertain. Other than that, career advising is significant on the grounds that it assists with settling any contentions you have with your present place of employment. We get your career goals on the right track. Whether you want to change careers or explore advancement opportunities, Allegiance Educare can assist with assessing your options.


Allegiance Educare was not inherently a fortnight. It took over 6 years for the group to construct this online stage and continually overhaul it dependent on the slip-ups that occurred en route. Be that as it may, it is normal for every one of you to ask for what reason would it be advisable for me to pick Allegiance Educare? We will let you know!

Logical methodology...

Career counselling isn't new in India. Be that as it may, how far is professionally advising logically drew nearer is a genuine inquiry. The appropriate response is straightforward. NO. This is the reason Allegiance Educare's tests were planned in a manner to assess the applicant comprehensively and experimentally. They offer four models for students having a place with various norms beginning from Standard 8 to College graduates. The General guiding alternative is additionally accessible paying little heed to the age and standard. Students need to step through 10 exams on the web and reports will be produced consequently. Each understudy is allotted a guide who will direct the understudy dependent on the report either on the web or up close and personal. Thusly,they ensure each understudy gets a chance to comprehend what they truly need and where they need to be.

Reasonableness is the key...

Most students quit career directing as they discover these cycles to pricey. Considering this factor likewise, Allegiance Educare offers these online tests at a truly reasonable pace of ₹2599. The point is for each understudy to have the option to take up this test and choose depending on the reports which profession they need to pick.

Whitelabel to fabricate an establishment...

Ashish needed to make this item versatile across India and made sense of the establishment model will be the answer for this. This prompted the development of Whitelabel. With Whitelabel, scholarly foundations/institutes across India can enlist their sites under their own image with Allegiance Educare's biological system. By enrolling with Allegiance for ₹65,000 and every year, these scholastic organizations can get to their own profession counseling gateway. To assist them with giving this a shot for a lower cost, they likewise offered a fundamental model for ₹25,000 every year.

Proprietary trademark technologies

Our "WHITELABEL", Career Counselling Franchise comes with a wide range of proprietary trademark technologies which adds more value to your franchise, compared to other franchise options.
1. Student Relationship Management
2. Counselling Bot
3. Career Bank Search Engine
4. Advanced Career Assessment test Engine

Mentor as a Career Path

Allegiance Educare isn't just about students. Allegiance Educare "Mentor Program" offers a unique portal and a distinctive platform for existing career counsellors, teachers and industry professionals. Be a part of a nationwide network of Career Counsellors/Mentors with the help of our Mentor Program. There are individuals out there who try to be acceptable guides,however don't have a clue where to begin. They can enroll with Allegiance Educare and get a fundamental preparing to interpretate, sum up and disclose the report to students. This module urges individuals to get prepared in advising and help students who require legitimate direction.


Career Counselling Plans

Career Counselling plans for students and career evaluation test can assist you with narrowing down your activity decisions and pick a profession way that is viable with your inclinations, aptitudes, qualities, and character. The planning of a career is among the most significant choice of our life. At Allegiance Educare we make an honest effort to help students in their profession arranging by bringing all career related issues and arrangements under one rooftop.
We offer career direction plans to students depending on their particular needs. With in excess of 2000 careers, courses to peruse, students straightforwardly from the eighth norm to working experts can benefit by the item. Our profession evaluation test has been structured after acceptable exploration by clinicians and industry specialists. Each understudy gets alloted a committed advocate who will be available for vis-à-vis by means of phone, Skype, contingent upon the understudy's area and inclination.
We have different career counselling plans and fees for students under different age groups and streams. It starts from 8th to 10th Std, 11th and 12th Std, graduates and working professionals. Plans start from Rs. 1599/- to Rs. 3499/- .

Mentor Certification

A mentor is somebody who directs a person in accomplishing his her profession objective. He manages individuals from all age gatherings, a school understudy hoping to recuperate a lifelong way to a working proficient looking development or change in his/her present place of employment for a middle-age individual chose to restart his vocation or seek after his energy. We invite existing counsellors, teachers and industry professionals join our nationwide network of mentors helping students achieve their respective career goals. One can apply for Mentor Certification by paying Rs 1000/- and completing the registration and get access to mentor dashboard, training materials, leads and much more.


Whitelabel, scholarly foundations/institutes across India can enlist their sites under their own image with Allegiance Educare's biological system. By enrolling with Allegiance for ₹65,000 and every year, these scholastic organizations can get to their own profession counseling gateway. To assist them by giving this a shot for a lower cost, they likewise offered a fundamental model for ₹25,000 every year.

Lead Generation Packages
Lead Generation places your business and offer in front of thousands, if not millions,of prospects who are potentially interested in what you have to offer every day. This allows them to share their details with you, so that you can contact them with more information regarding your products or services. Our lead generation packages range from Rs. 1000/- upto Rs. 7500/- .

Career Counselling Certification

Career Counseling Certification course is an uncommon one. Those that exist are most usually found in a Degree or masters program .The Allegiance Educare Career Counselling Certification course is an distinctive, all in one guide for an individual to look our for a career in counselling. Our online certified course takes you through all that you have to think about career counselling. Courses start at Rs. 5000/- followed by a mentor program for Rs. 1000/- wherein the individual gets access to a mentor dashboard and a live mentor profile view on the website.

Course Admissions

Allegiance Educare helps individuals, look out for various vocational courses with guiding them to enroll with the best course structure and institute available in the market. We help individuals acquire the best short term courses that make an individual capable enough to get hired in that specific field. For short courses in India, students have the choice of flexible scheduling and selecting from short term professional courses after graduation.

Our Team & Achievements
CEO & Director
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Mr.Ashish Bhati

Mr. Ashish Bhati, founder of Allegiance Educare, MBA from Hong Kong, Bachelor of Engineering from Mumbai University with more than 10 years of rich experience in research, design, operation, education, development of Career Counselling portal. Lead the development, marketing, sales and operations of Allegiance Educare since 2014.

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Whitelabel onboarding specialist
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Ms.Dhanashree Dhoiphode

Experience in: Design and Development of Whitelabel Program for Career Counselling Professionals, Career Counselling Whitelabel Sales and Post Sales Services. She has been with Allegiance Educare since 2016 and performed various activities in sales, marketing, operations, counselling students.

Accolades earned @ Allegiance Educare

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Content Specialist
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Ms.Juhi Chunawala

Experience in : Designing Psychometric Test Logic, Test questions, Design Career Counselling Certification and Mentor Program Manual and Test questions, Education Blog writing, Training Mentors, Counselling students.
Accolades earned @ Allegiance Educare
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Digital Marketing Specialist
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Ms.Shital Khadap

Experience in: update and design Allegiance Educare Website. Strategizing, formulating, executing SEO and other Digital Marketing campaigns. Handling other IT related tasks.
Accolades earned @ Allegiance Educare
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Mentor Onboarding specialist
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Mr.Vatsal Jatia

Experience in client relations. Strategizing marketing campaigns for Mentor/Career counselling certification sales and post-sales services.

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